Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saim-Hann Colors...

So I purchased a Citadel Spray Gun in the hopes of moving faster in my project. The gun works like a charm, just need a compressor for it now to do all my models.

Now judging by the picture here does the two sets of models look the same color?

The models on the right is sprayed with GW's Mechrite Red. The bike on the left is Vallejo's Bloody Red. Both paints are of the same pigment quality but the Vallejo line is far superior in range and color. I certainly hope GW is planning on more paints in the same quality as Vallejo's paints.

I already painted 5 of my bikes using Mechrite Red and probably finish the squad with it for consistency. But then again I may brighten them up some....


  1. I certainly agree Vallejo's line of paints are insanely good. As far as matching color GW does have a blood red although not sure how it would match up to vallejo's. The only Mechrite Red I have is foundation which is indeed a tad bit darker but helps overcome the black primer (if black is used). All in all though incredibly nice paint job with that spray gun. May have to consider it for my Saim-Hann.

  2. I prefer Vallejo's reds and yellows over GW's.

    I use Mechrite Red as a base, and Bloody Red as a main color, and the results are very vibrant without having to put a million layers on the model.

  3. The Bloody Red and Mechrite red shouldn't be the same pigment. Bloody Red should map to a non-foundation paint, Blood Red in this case. I haven't used the GW spray gun, but I have used GW paints, and Vallejo paints in my air brush to help base miniatures.

    GW Foundations work great, the extra pigment really makes these the best for using with the airbrush. Can probably mix it just about 1:1 and get a good coat.

    Vallejo/GW normal paints are both require a bit less of water in the mix, maybe a 2:1 mix. I've only used the Vallejo once, but it seemed to coat better than the GW colors, but they were different colors and that could be the reason as well.

    As a side note, I usually mix all my paints with the Future Floorshine/Water Magic Wash solution instead of water. (mostly out of habit anymore, but also because there's bottle of it still kicking around.

    Try and get B to bring his Nids next club day, I just did his with the Vallejo brown they turned out pretty good.