Monday, February 9, 2009

Autarch's of my Warhost

This is my Autarch, when I made him he was the "Chief" of the WindRiders.
The feeling I was going for was close to the fluff in the codex, the Saim-hann are closer to feral eldar than any other craftworld.
The head piece was cut from an old khorne beastman, and green stuff for the breast armor, fur trim boots.

This is a piece I worked on a few years ago. It is Nuadhu Fireheart.
Again I was going for a feral Eldar feeling for them.... and still do.
I still consider him a WIP....


  1. Nice Vyper.
    I like the skull mounted on the hood scoop.

  2. It think your work looks fantastic! I've been wanting to collect a titan myself for my warhost!! Will be keeping close follow up on your works!

  3. That is absolutely stunning. I'm lost for words!