Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phantom Titan of the Saim-Hann pt.2

Some of you out there may be wondering if I'm ever going to finish this model.... I hope so.
I finished more of the torso today, I'm almost half way there now...

There are some small changes made to the titan. Armor plates around the hips, prism crystal and laser emitter, I sculpted a chin guard on the head.... to give him a more "guardian" feel.

The plan is to have the arm cannons black and the wings white. the head I'm not entirely sure what to do, white or red?

It has also been suggested to have a loin cloth hanging, similar to the wraithlord model... I may.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Farseer on foot...

I was working on my SeerCouncil and was struck with the idea of a Farseer in the same design as the rest of my council. The fluff of the Saim-hann is they are the first to abandon the rest of the Eldar, share commonalities with the exodites, and are viewed as barbaric by the other Craftworlds. So I made this guy for the army for when I don't want or need a Farseer on bike.

Close up of his face. Going for a North American Indian motif for the army. It has been the plan since I created the autarch wayback....


The maniac strikes again.... I needed some warwalkers, waveserpents, dire avengers, and guardians. So I bought three battle forces, but I'm not completely mad, they were all deals (Miniwargaming sale, Ebay).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saim-Hann Colors...

So I purchased a Citadel Spray Gun in the hopes of moving faster in my project. The gun works like a charm, just need a compressor for it now to do all my models.

Now judging by the picture here does the two sets of models look the same color?

The models on the right is sprayed with GW's Mechrite Red. The bike on the left is Vallejo's Bloody Red. Both paints are of the same pigment quality but the Vallejo line is far superior in range and color. I certainly hope GW is planning on more paints in the same quality as Vallejo's paints.

I already painted 5 of my bikes using Mechrite Red and probably finish the squad with it for consistency. But then again I may brighten them up some....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MiniWarGaming Tourney results.....

I was going to bring my camera but I was running late and so I have no media on the days adventure.... :(
On the plus side the guys at MiniWarGaming were shooting vid and pics of the day so when that is posted I'll let you know.

So, how'd it go? Well I was late so my first game was short but managed to pull out a win.

Game 1. I was facing a DeathWing army (2 Landraiders, 20 termies, 1 dread). The mission was Take and Hold with a secondary objective being "have a unit in each table quarter". I held the Primary Objective for a minor win.

Game 2. A battle against Chaos Iron Warriors with a turn 4 random objective roll. The Chaos army consisted of 2 vindicators, 1 Pred w/ 3lascan, 2 units of marines, 1 unit of bikes, kharne, 1 Dread,and a lord. By turn Four the we were to hold objectives (each terrain feature), this ended as a major win as I was holding more terrain and had the secondary objective (kill enemy characters). My opponent was a good sport, and I don't think he had a lot of experiences dealing with a highly mobile army.

Game 3. A battle against the Greater Good. This game I knew would be a tough one. The mission was objective counters (5 of them) and deployment was on the short table edges 24 inches in. I won the roll for deployment so I let the Tau go first. This Tau force was a lot of models ( 2 commanders, 2 crisis, 6 stealth, 2 firewarrior units, 2 unit of kroot, 2 unit of pathfinders, 1 piranha, 3 broadsides). He held all the suits and the kroot in reserve, I deployed only my Farseer. The Farseer survived two turns of the broadsides shooting and a turn of the suits shooting (gotta love fortune). On my second turn almost my whole army showed up minus two prisms, that's when the Tau started to die. My opponent was real cool, despite my awesome rolling and surviving everything he threw at me. The game ended with me holding 1 objective and Tau holding none. It was major win due to secondary objective (kill most expensive unit).

Game 4. This battle was a tough one. The center of the table was the objective and Night Fight rules for the whole game. My opponent was Chaos (2 lash prices, 3 units of marines in rhinos, 2 oblitorators, 1 unit of raptors, 1 defiler). The fighting in constant night is a real disadvantage for my army and was a plus for my opponent. He was able to corner me under the cover of darkness and eat me alive! The game was a minor loss for me as he wasn't able to claim the objective but completed the secondary objective (kill the messenger). Good game though.

I won "Winner Overall" and "Best Conversion" for my Autarch (Nauhdu Fireheart). I had alot of fun and I will go back to play again. The Club they have there is full of good players and good people, and that is what makes this hobby worth being in.