Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Phoenix Bombers

As the arms race continues, I purchased two Eldar Phoenix Bombers. I've never used flyers in the game so I can't wait to see them in action. As with all ForgeWorld resin kits these little guys needed to be reshaped and filled in. And YES I make the little jet sounds when I hold them.... :)

The kits can with the new Valkyrie flying stands. Which at first I thought was a good thing. The stands are designed for the Valkyrie, and so there is no little "X" under the bomber.

So I really wanted to use the base as it is sturdy and it would save me from looking for material for a flying base. I tried to think of many ways to mount the bomber on the stand. Greenstuff is the solution I think is best. It doesn't require me cutting into my Phoenix and possibly ruining it.

Just slap a little cube of Greenstuff, press the model into it and presto! I'm still going to have to magnitze it as the model sits well but may fall when moved during a game. I'm going to paint the GS because I don't want a little green cube under my pretty red plane.... :)

I think the base is just right for gaming, as I see some stands for flyers that are just alittle too tall IMO. On the table I think it will be obvious that it is a flying model.

Shuriken Cannon Bikes

Parts used are the stock jetbike and one shuriken cannon from the Vyper kit.

The next step is trim the catapult barrels off and cut the Cannon where the narrow end touches the body of the cannon. I tried to use the little hose part of the cannon but it just wouldn't work out...

At this point I cut the end piece off the cannon and shaved the end-rim off to give it a rounded appearance. I wanted to use the ammo feed but it would become too cluttered under the bike if I did...

Here the two pieces are glued in place. The tab that hangs from the cannon end has to be trimmed so the bike canopy will fit properly.

This is the assembled bike. I like the cannon off set from the center like the metal version as it visible and immediately recognizable.

This is the finished bike conversion. The rider is a simple head swap with the current guardian head. I think it is the easiest and fastest way of getting shuriken cannons in your squads without braking the bank to do it. Most Eldar and Saim-hann players will have the parts laying about....

I was inspired to get to work on some of my stuff due to this guy and the massive project ahead of him....