Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MiniWarGaming Tourney...

So I entered the MiniWargaming 1850 pt 40K tourney. For me it is at least a 9 hr drive. It is happening May 30 2009 and I'm a little excited to be playing. I enjoy playing new people because not everyone plays the same way, or plays by the same conventions. It is good to play new people and this will be a learning experience. I'm going to take a "pure Saim-hann" force, not one foot touches the ground. I expect to see lots of IG and marines. Here is the list I'm taking:

HQ- Farseer= stones, both sets of runes, spear, jetbike, Doom, Guide, and Fortune.
HQ- Autarch= MBlasters, Lance, Fusion Gun, jetbike.

Troop- Jetbike= Warlock w/ (conceal,Spear), 12 bikes w/ 4 cannons.
Troop- Jetbike= Warlock w/ (conceal,Spear), 12 bikes w/ 4 cannons.

Fast- Vypers= 3 w/ starconnons.
Fast- Vypers= 3 w/ starconnons.

Heavy- Fire Prism.
Heavy- Fire Prism
Heavy- Fire Prism

This is as fluffy as a Saim-hann can be IMO. I've got plenty of experience playing a list similar to this. 40K isn't about killing your opponent anymore, it's about objectives.

I'll be taking plenty of pics and vid on this day, so I'll update then how it goes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Phoenix Bombers pt. 2

Here is a close up of the stands mount. I changed it from what I originally did, as it felt to clumsy.

A close up of the belly, the magnet sits a few millimeters in the model but I didn't want to cut too far in. It is glued and green stuffed.

This is just a few of the assembled model. The magnets are strong.

Both bombers are ready to be painted... when ever that is... :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Jetbikes

Well, like a true maniac I bought twelve more bikes. Six are for Shuriken Cannons, but what to do with the other six? Seer Council? I'm not real sure what to do with the Autarch as well....