Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shuriken Cannon Bikes

Parts used are the stock jetbike and one shuriken cannon from the Vyper kit.

The next step is trim the catapult barrels off and cut the Cannon where the narrow end touches the body of the cannon. I tried to use the little hose part of the cannon but it just wouldn't work out...

At this point I cut the end piece off the cannon and shaved the end-rim off to give it a rounded appearance. I wanted to use the ammo feed but it would become too cluttered under the bike if I did...

Here the two pieces are glued in place. The tab that hangs from the cannon end has to be trimmed so the bike canopy will fit properly.

This is the assembled bike. I like the cannon off set from the center like the metal version as it visible and immediately recognizable.

This is the finished bike conversion. The rider is a simple head swap with the current guardian head. I think it is the easiest and fastest way of getting shuriken cannons in your squads without braking the bank to do it. Most Eldar and Saim-hann players will have the parts laying about....

I was inspired to get to work on some of my stuff due to this guy and the massive project ahead of him....


  1. Ok. I liked CJ's version for the simplicity, but your version appears seamless! Fantastic!! Sadly, I purchased all my Jetbikes second-hand, so they have already been assembled. Do you think that your method would work on a pre-assembled model? If so, I might have to give it a shot...

  2. Thanks..

    Yeah it could be done, you would have to be careful not to cut into the canopy when clipping the catapults down. The rest is simply glued in place.

  3. I have a similar solution to my bikes+shuricannon but not as elegant as yours of course! Nice tutorial there!

  4. Nice work Kbelleau!!

    looks just like the original and done at a simple and cheap way, Great tutorial!

    My version is a bit easier however I have gotten some bad rep on it since its not really WYSIWYG with the catapults still attached. But I might go back to them after some time and fix them so the catapults flow into the canon (combinning their power or something).

    Keep up the great work you still have a long way to go yourself. Let's go catch a Serpent!

    Cheers CJ