Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Jetbikes

Well, like a true maniac I bought twelve more bikes. Six are for Shuriken Cannons, but what to do with the other six? Seer Council? I'm not real sure what to do with the Autarch as well....


  1. I sometimes use an Autarch (with Fusion Gun, Laser Lance and Mandiblaster) in my list rather than a Farseer. I usually run him in conjunction with a unit of Shining Spears. It's a fun unit to use on the table as well.

  2. I use an autarch sometimes as well. At the beginning of this blog you'll see I have two models I use. Maybe I'll use him as is.

  3. Swap the head for a ghosthelm, sculpt a cape flowing behind and add some arms that look good for a farseer.

    Do duel seer council :P

    The pic looks cool with so many of the jetbike boxes. I got 18 incoming muahahaha!