Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Farseer on foot...

I was working on my SeerCouncil and was struck with the idea of a Farseer in the same design as the rest of my council. The fluff of the Saim-hann is they are the first to abandon the rest of the Eldar, share commonalities with the exodites, and are viewed as barbaric by the other Craftworlds. So I made this guy for the army for when I don't want or need a Farseer on bike.

Close up of his face. Going for a North American Indian motif for the army. It has been the plan since I created the autarch wayback....


  1. I see you used the High Elf chairot spear. I did the same. It looks perfect to me as a Singing Spear. Awesome.

  2. So damn GOOD conversion!! I will use it as a reference for future works... simply great!!!!

  3. I'm currently working on a seercouncil on bikes and they will all have a similar feel to them, and I had the extra bits. I had used the head and spear from the metal model for my farseer conversion, so I was left with a body... so "waste not want not"....