Monday, January 24, 2011

Forgeworld Eldar Vampire Hunter pt.2

Small Update: The main Hull is glued and green stuff to fill in the gaps.

As I started to fill in the gaps I realized that some of the parts didn't line up right. I knew some of it would when I dry fit everything but... Green stuff to the rescue.

The edge from the head to the body was fine but I want it to look seamless, also added more from the wing section to the hull, feels more eldar.

Also did the same for the tail end of the wing, I didn't like how it just ends abruptly. It all looks a mess right now but when it's sanded it will look better... I hope.

Just more adding detail. The cockpit section was a greater width than the body so the is a 2 mm difference. I sculpted some extra plates to make it more seamless...

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