Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saim Hann Air Superiority

Update time, so here is my Air force for my craftworld. I think this is as many planes as I'm going to get for a long while...


  1. Wow just wow. Did you get any at a discount? This Eldar Air Force is going to look great once it is all painted up. I can't wait and will be watching closely at the progress. If you get a chance would you mind posting a few pictures of the underside of where the flying stand attaches to the flyer. I have been having a problem with mine. Thanks!!! Oh....what about all the new FW stuff? Go eldar!!!

  2. Sorry...just noticed you already posted your tutorial. What size are the magnets and where did you get those great acrylic rods?

  3. Discount? No, but FW did make a error and I got a free one.

    The magnets are 1/4 inch, Neodymium N42 strength.
    The rods are from a supplier on ebay, just search clear acrylic rods. The Vampire in on a 1 inch and the Nightwing is on a 1/4 inch.

    any other questions just ask.

  4. Really nice bunch of planes!!!

    They look impressive together, I cannot wait to see more pics.

    I´m glad to add to my blogroll a fellow Eldar player.