Monday, May 23, 2011

Falcon Type 2.5

Here is a conversion I've been dying to make and finally finished. The conversion consists of a falcon chasis, Fire prism turret & vector engines, Forgeworld Falcon type 2 piece, and 2 Pulse laser barrels.

I've been thinking of making a Apoc rule for it, kinda like a mini scorpion...

Any ideas for a name? I looked up names for smaller scorpions... and DeathStalker is the only one I kinda liked.


  1. DeathStalker sounds good, and goes with the death spinners of the Night Spinner.

    Perhaps you could call it the Night Stalker with the guns being Death Stalker pulse lasers?

  2. I like that.

    DeathStalker Pulse laser: two pulse lasers? or twin linked pulser laser with Lance?

    right now I'm still going to use it as a Falcon but if I build more of these I may make a formation...

  3. I like twin linked with lance.
    If you felt that was too much, perhaps a twin linked pulsar with extended range? And it gains lance when in a formation that shoots at the same target?

  4. Great conversion. A name escapes me right now but I try and come up with something. How about the Serpents hammer?

  5. What about something falcon related instead of scorpion relate? Not Eagle since Andrew Hicks "patented" it first: and
    Some other dude on the internet apparently also created Peregrine transports, but what about Kestrel? Osprey? Harrier?
    Love the idea and the conversion BTW ^^

  6. I like some of these... "Serpents Hammer", "Kestrel"...

    Serpents Hammer Formation? featuring Kestral class grav tanks?....

    Ooohhh... so many possibilities...

  7. Miniwargaming is allowing spearhead formations in the apoc game. I'm sure you could fit this in some wicked formation with some other skimmers.

  8. did you use normal brightlances or real pulselasers

  9. I used the pulselasers from the regular falcon kit. I had extras...

    @John, I'll be bring them to MiniWarGaming for the apoc game... but I'll be just using them as regular falcons.

  10. I like "Deathstalker" a lot. Perhaps the turret could be a "Deathstalker Pulsar" Str 9 AP 2 48" Heavy 2 Lance Twin Linked. That way the gun is similar to the Void Raven's Void Lance.

    The model looks great. I can't wait to see it painted.

  11. Very nice! I, too, have my Fire Prism/Night Spinner able to convert to a Falcon. Except I am short a Pulse Laser. Congratulations. It looks wonderful.