Sunday, February 26, 2012

Battle Report: Necrons vs Corsairs

 A 2000 point Battle between Eldar Corsairs and the vile Necrons.

Necron List:

Imotekh the Stormlord + Catacomb Command Barge

Destroyer Lord = Warscythe; Resurrection Orb, Tachyon Arrow

Royal Court = 5 Harbinger of Despair

5 Deathmarks

5 Triarch Praetorians

10 Warriors + Ghost Ark

10 Warriors

10 Scarabs

7 Scarabs

4 Destroyers = 1 Heavy Gauss Cannon


Corsair list is in my previous post.


  1. Great video battle report Kris! :-)

  2. Great report.

    What do you think you would have done differently if you did the game again ? I think the Eldar should have focused fire better to eliminate squads rather than leaving 1 left alive allowing the whole squad to roll for reanimation. The Necrons seemed like they just needed some more anti tank such as Harbingers of destruction or annihilation barges.


    1. better focus fire is one aspect I'd change if I did the battle over... I could have fired at the necron unit till it was down to 3 models, but it was the phoenix's shooting at the units. Each unit was shot by one phoenix. If I used more than one bomber per unit... a ton of shots would be wasted. I wanted maximum return on my shots. The Necrons really needed to get in the fight more, his warriors would have been hell against my planes. We are battling again in a week... that it'll be Apocalypse...

  3. Yeah, there were a few lessons learned for my necron too. Especially as it was my first time using them in the new codex. Poor choices in deployment restricted some of my unit movement at the start, and I agree with Kris, I needed to get my warriors into range and engaged sooner. Some of my tank busting units (command barge) could have moved fast early on vs holding back and been sweep attacking and taking out some of those pesky fliers/skimmers. Which in turn could have potentially further reduced the hits I took from the airpower. The monolith is still pretty tough in the new codex, and cheaper to field now... And I under utilized it = wasted points, until later in the game. Rest of ground forces were surprisingly effective. Royal courts of crypteks are pleasantly effective and beasts to put down.

  4. That was a great battle report. I was pleasantly surprised with the intro in the beginning, the pacing and the music worked very well together.

    Please consider reducing the camera movements while you reviewing the turns; there were a few instances were it was a little disorienting.

    Well done!