Monday, October 22, 2012

1750 pt Army List

1750 point army

Farseer (runes and 2 powers) Autarch (melta, mandi blasters, other stuff)
6 Dire Vengers ( Exarch, bladestorm)in wave serpent (lances)
 6 Dire Vengers ( Exarch, bladestorm)in wave serpent (lances)
 3 Night wings
 3 Phoenix bombers ( 1x Nightfire missles)

 I've been tweeking this list for a bit, tried a few games with just bikes and such... I'm planning a few games with this list. Thoughts?


  1. Should rival the Necron airforce quite well. Just keep in mind, you need to be careful not to let someone get into those Dire Avengers first turn, shooting or otherwise.

    If you have nothing on the board at the end of a game turn, you loose, so that first turn could be critical depending on what you are fighting.

  2. The first turn is very precarious, the most important element is the autarch. 2+ reserve rolls is very helpful, along with the warlord trait that re-rolls reserves... very fun. The plan is to have the loaded serpents deployed in cover or in the corner out of most ranges... that's the plan anyways....

  3. I don't know too much about Eldar but for this list i strongly recommend taking a 11th hour approach, meaning, keep those transports alive and hidden till the second to last turn where they actually do something because you will find it hard to win objective based games especially with horde armies.

    If kill points, ignore the above :)

    From a Happy Gamer who looks forward to playing you one day!

    With the flyers if vs flyers, common knowledge by now but go second if you can and don't try to seize the initiative.

  4. You are going to need more than 2 troop selections to be successful in 6th edition. I would do my best to fit in 2 more troop selections so that you are able to hold objectives. All your opponent has to do is kill your two Dire Avengers units and they win most of the scenarios in 6th.