Sunday, August 23, 2009

4000 Point Apocalypse Battle....

The Council advised the Great Autarch against moving two of the largest houses to defend the Maiden world "Summer's Blood". The Grand Chief's dream provoked this response, compelled him to send his craftworld to war.

What the Council didn't tell him was, as they cleansed the world of "monkeigh" an old brother sought to blood themselves as well. So swift through the Webway that little time was left to react.

As one of the webway runners returned, time was all but gone. The Kabal of the Black Heart neared. The Grand Chief could only muster his support reserve to stall the imminent attack. The Council knew when and where the Dark Kin would emerge, all they needed was to be ready. The Great Autarch was filled with sorrow, for he needed to disturb the spirit of his great Grandfather and call him to war once again. His twin cousins would have the honor of merging with their ancestor, and amend the past.

The stage was set, all that remained was to play out what the Seer Council saw...

The story continues....


  1. Awesome fight. Nice to see the Titan out and shooting things.

  2. great report, always love to see videos as well and a story to boot!

  3. Great vid, and greetings from Ireland! I hope at some point to get my own Titan, but really for decorative purposes - something pretty to look at while I ponder tactics!