Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seer Council: Farseer

Here is another Farseer on Jetbike. I've decided not to sculpt robes on him, as it doesn't feel logical that they would wear them into battle.

It's not a terribly difficult conversion, head and weapon swap, some greenstuff...

The whole Council will be wearing feathers. Would furs and such be too much?

He also has the traditional Farseer Helm detail...


  1. Nice looking fig there. I'm not sure if I love or hate that back piece though. It looks great, but is totally impractical.

    And I think furs wouldn't be over the top, especially if other units supported that theme. Many Warlocks already have that kind of detailing...

  2. I think you could get away with furs as well.

    My artistic beef is the lack of a helmet; you're driving fast and in a fight, and...no helmet. It's not as necessarily bad as someone like Lysander. "I have terminator armor and a storm shield, the best combination of saves in the game. Let me take my Tactical Dreadnought helmet off..."

    I mean, if it comes to that, the Farseer's got psyker powers on his side.

    I do envy the raised runes on the hood, though. I think they work out better than trying to hand-paint them.

    I'm with Dverning on the back-piece. I think it looks imposing, but it may or may not be out of place on a bike.

  3. Thanks guys, maybe if I add something to the back? to balance it out...