Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1K Battle Report (The Beginning)

"It is a long journey back to the gateway', N' eecheth said to the rest of the escort. The planet had become infested with all manner of monkeigh.
"So many threads to unravel... the stones have become cloudy', The old seer said to his junior seer E' veth.
"I warned the Grand Chief of coming to this world... many lives could be lost here, too many!' as N'eecheth took point.
The Farseer's escort was speeding through Tau battle lines. Crushing these aliens would be unfortunate, like stepping on a beautiful flower...

Annihilation/ Pitched Battle:
Deployment: consisted of the eldar deploying second and on the table. The eldar needed to start on the table with powers working as soon as possible.
Tau grabbed as much high ground as possible, and deployed with their firepower centrally.

Tau standing ready to face the might of the Saim-Hann Eldar.

Stealth suits manage to deploy close to the Younger Farseer. Ready to spring their ambush...

The Battle Begins...

After the Eldar failed in seizing the initiative, the Tau attacked in earnest. The Stealth team first to draw blood and sending two of the Jetbikes to the ground. Railguns and Plasma shots send an other eldar biker to his end.

The enraged Wildriders return fire, killing many Tau for their greater good. The left flank of the Tau is almost crippled, as well as completely destroying the stealth team. Eldar have the upper hand for now...

Farseer N'eecheth vying for position.

Farseer E'veth avenging the young souls lost to these misguided aliens.

The Broadside and Firewarriors try and avenge the Stealth Team, but the Eldar have some sort of ability to deflect enormous amounts of firepower.

The Hammerhead tries to cover the Tau left flack, the Eldar are trying to out flank.

Farseer E'veth plans to combine firepower with his elder brother. "We have to break free of this, before too many souls are lost!'.

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