Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1K Battle Report (End Game)

N'eecheth could not afford to be stalled. "The council of our great house meets in three cycles!... We have to be there!... fate will be decided'.
"Attack their center, these children will not stand in our way!'.

E'veth gathered the rest of his guard to join his brother's advance. "These aliens will pay one thousand fold for every drop of eldar blood they've spilt today!'.

"Victory to the Saim Hann!' was heard over the battlefield, now a Tau gravesite.

The Tau Communication net was filled with a static interference only seen when dealing with creatures of the empyrean.

The Eldar regroup in the center of the table. The Tau have been using their submunition rounds to no avail.

++" These eldar are protected by some sort of energy, it's as though none of our shots can penetrate their armor"++

The Tau left flank is about to be attacked by the whole warhost.

The Firewarriors stand impotent to help their brothers, out of range and too high up to move to better ground.

Firewarriors stand ready. They are "bonded" and ready to give their lives to the greater good.

The Hammerhead and remainder of the Firewarriors are cut down. The Tau left flank has fallen.

"We can escape now, they are defeated!'

"Their Commander must not be able to signal the rest of their forces!'
"Find him!' N'eecheth commanded as he searched for the rune that would end the Tau commander's life.

The Tau Commander continues his attack, not realizing he has now become the target.

E'veth wants the honor of killing this alien, as a Seer he rarely gets the opportunity to spill the blood of is enemies in honorable combat.

The Shas'o is broken and is being routed from the battlefield.

The battle ends on turn Six.
KP for Tau: 0
KP for Eldar: 4

++"Shas'o to command!.... reques.....++

"We will make the Council meeting'

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