Monday, December 6, 2010

Battle Report

Dark Eldar vs Saim Hann Eldar 1850 pts...

Kabal of Agony


  1. Great report , I really enjoyed that , possibly the best report I have seen , I envy your video editing fu , i would love to post reps like this ....

    Only one bit of C&C for you , I always like to hear the players thoughts on the battle, its actually quite important to understand what was going on mentally in the game , discussing key points etc.

    Cheers for posting , Ill keep an eye out for your next one

  2. I may keep the raw audio, the only prob is that there are usually lots of background noise as well.

    I'm trying to work in a rematch before the months end, I'll try to have the commentary in it.

  3. No, what I mean was ,that the cinematic music thing was great , liked that approach very much, would not change that, but it would be cool if you maybe record 'down time' and have you guys talk about the game after, that kinda thing.

  4. oh ok, like a pre game battle plan and a post game discussion... I like that. Good Idea!

    The only thing with recording pre game, is I'm playing and would hear his battle plan... ;)