Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saim Hann Pride

Small update, been thinking of doing this for a long time. I have the equipment to make them, and nothing really exists like this... so I made one...

It's on both sleeves.

What do you think?... and I know.... I'm a fanboy....


  1. I like it alot. I look forward to seeing some tears on it after they encounter my buff new Dark Eldar.

  2. I think that is awesome actually, if I had the means to do that I would not hesitate to get a shirt for all of my armies!

  3. @ Xzandrate: you can bring it on any time...

    @ dzer0: I would love to do more in different themes, but then what?... get my ass sued?

  4. It didnt occur to Games Workshop , to sell something like this , with all their legal licences . Great Work by the way .
    I will do mine with Iyanden .

  5. That is well cool! I'd like to do something like this however mine would look a little sissy with the Biel Tan love heart on it :p